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In the Corporate Industry we do Business background checks, Pre/ Post employee verifications, Business information reports, Undercover Operations, Anti-counterfeiting investigations, Trademarks, copyright, patent, design infringement investigation, Market survey, Corporate espionage, Cheating employees, Data or Goods Theft, Labor court cases, and lastly the Hi-Tech cases which include Cyber crime investigations, Fingerprint and handwriting expert services. In Personal Investigations provide various types of detective services including Pre / Post matrimonial verifications, Unfaithful Partner surveillance, Divorce & litigation support services, Illicit relationships, Tracing of missing people, Theft, Robbery, Murder, Suicide and Fraudster’s investigations, Extortion cases and fatal threats investigations made through post, mails and telephone calls. In our team of experts, we have employed some of the best professionals from investigation industry who are ably assisted with modern technology methods. We employ not only professional detect

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